What we do.


We offer seamless travel administration services for groups of 10 - 14 travelers.

Please contact us if your group is larger than 14 travelers.




Travel PlanninG - General

Once you have identified your team members and determined your travel destination, we take it from there.

We will ...

  • Manage participant applications

  • Verify passports

  • Provide information on medication and vaccine recommendations

  • Schedule/conduct conference calls or meetings

  • Assist participants in managing/tracking fundraising

  • Book airfare and secure travel insurance

  • Assist with budget planning and preparation

Pre-TRAVEL Participant Education

We strongly believe in the principles outlined in When Helping Hurts (Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert).

 For more on this, check out Our Philosophy » 

Post-Travel Participant Debriefing and Education

We have so much to learn from each other and the ministries that we support; therefore, we will be happy to facilitate a post-travel conference call 4-6 weeks following your trip to follow-up on experiences and discuss next steps. 


Travel planning - Haiti 

In addition to the general services and pre- and post-travel education; Scott, an experienced travel guide, will facilitate your trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. These trips are centered around Heartline Ministries and their many programs. Your team will spend much of the week with the leadership and staff learning how their ministry is making an impact for the kingdom of God by strengthening families in the community in which they serve.

Your team will have  opportunities to...

  • Attend a Haitian church

  • Visit the National Museum

  • Enjoy the local cuisine

  • Spend time with other ministries and organizations

  • Shop at local markets and boutiques

Your team will be graciously hosted at a local guest house located near both the Heartline Ministries' properties and the airport.