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How do I schedule a trip?

Submit your information on the Contact Us page and we'll get in touch with you promptly to discuss your needs.

What are the team size limits?

Our target team size is 10 - 14 participants. If you have a team of fewer than 10 or more than 14, please contact us to discuss your options.

Can children travel?

Yes! However, the child should be 10 or older and accompanied by a relative. 

What are the trip deadlines?

  • $300 [non-refundable] due 90 days prior to departure.

  • $1200 [includes $300 non-refundable deposit] plus passport information due 60 days prior to departure.

  • Remainder of trip cost due 30 days prior to departure.

What are the costs of your services?

Our administrative fee is planned as part of the overall trip budget. Contact us for more details.


Do you help with fundraising?

We provide team members with access to individual fundraising pages via Managed Missions software to assist in raising and tracking funds.

Where do i go to make a payment towards my trip or check my current fundraising status?

Log in to your Managed Missions account. Use the Contact Us link on the left if you have any problems accessing your account.